For businesses, IT management is cost- and labor-intensive. As a result, many in-house IT departments are understaffed, underfunded and/or inexperienced.

That’s a problem. When your IT department doesn’t have the resources it needs, your network and systems may be vulnerable to security breaches, underperformance, and service interruptions.

Co-Managed IT Offers A Solution

With Co-Managed IT, OneHop partners with your company’s in-house IT department.  As a team, we develop a personalized IT management plan designed to close gaps in service, empower your in-house IT workforce, and enhance your current network capabilities.

The value of Co-Managed IT is clear.

You instantly supplement your company’s IT capabilities – without bringing on new staff, investing in costly training, or waiting for delayed network repairs.

Is Co-Managed IT Right For Your Business?

If you already have an in-house IT department, why consider co-managed IT services? A few common scenarios for considering co-managed IT include:

    You need a partner to manage the daily network and IT operations, while your in-house IT team works on high-level strategic IT.
    Your in-house staff maintains day-to-day network support, but you need outside advice regarding IT strategy.
    Your company is rapidly growing, and you need to scale up your IT capabilities.
    Your company needs an IT partner to manage a remote branch away from your central operations.

Managed Network Services

Today’s IT demands constantly evolve. For many businesses, it’s a challenge to keep up with the day-to-day requirements of maintaining a network: Updating and patching, firewalling and preventing service interruptions.

Our Managed Network Services plan offers a comprehensive solution. We work alongside your IT department to develop an end-to-end management plan that covers all your IT needs. Services may include:

    24/7 Network monitoring
    Hardware maintenance
    Web filtering
    Anti-virus, anti-spam, firewalling


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