Reliable IT service and network performance are mission-critical for your businesses. Yet, breakdowns in workflows do happen, and if not remedied quickly, they can result in lost revenue and missed opportunity.

On-demand call center support offers a solution for providing end users with access to a 24/7 technology concierge.

Our End User Support service provides business on-call, on-demand access to a technology expert with deep knowledge of devices and IT systems.   Our experts provide on-call, on-site and/or remote support to end users and help to quickly remedy common IT breakdowns, ensure maximum security and greatly reduce downtime.

How End User Support Benefits Businesses?

Access to expertise is the key benefit of outsourcing End User Support. OneHop provides a user-friendly support framework – including remote access tools and on-call availability – to ensure end user issues can be resolved in real-time, regardless of location or device.

Additional benefits include:

    Cost Savings through Outsourcing Helpdesk
    Unified Contact for All IT Support Requests
    Email, Phone and Self-Service Availability
    Reduced Downtime and Real-Time Access
    Routine Maintenance Performed Remotely

Desktop IT Support

The loss of a workstation can lead to a lost productivity and costly downtime. OneHop’s Desktop IT Support service ensures workstation issues can be quickly resolved.

Here’s how it works: An employee contacts OneHop regarding a desktop issue. A OneHop expert then logs on to a specific machine via a remote connection and directly troubleshoots the problem. With Desktop IT Support you can count on:

    24/7 Monitoring
    Remote Troubleshooting
    Screen Sharing Available
    Remote Routine Maintenance

Looking To Outsource Helpdesk and IT Support At Your Business?