Today, business IT networks are more complex than ever and they grow continuously. This creates a unique challenge for network engineers: A company’s IT infrastructure must accommodate the demands of today while having the flexibility to scale to meet future growth.

OneHop offers a comprehensive approach to enterprise-level network engineering. Our network engineering philosophy: Develop IT networks that help businesses grow.

To this end, our team manages the complete network lifecycle – from design and procurement, to deployment and long-term maintenance. Throughout this process, your organization’s IT goals – today and those in the future – inform our design, deployment and maintenance considerations.

Enterprise Network Design and Deployment

Our approach to network design is simple: We focus on your business objectives and build a network that will help you achieve clearly defined goals.

How? We utilize forward-thinking design principles – ensuring your network can scale to growth and utilizes cutting-edge security and technology. Our network engineering expertise includes:

    Managed IT, voice, data and wireless network services
    IT security, data protection, firewalling
    End-user computing solutions and tools
    Helpdesk, network monitoring and on-demand support

Our Process

Assessing Your Existing Network

The process starts with assessing the health of your existing IT infrastructure. Plus, we’ll conduct strategy briefs and learn about your business objectives.

Designing A Custom-Tailored Network

OneHop works alongside your departments to develop a network design that’s tied to key business goals. The design will also include deployment plans.

Deploying the Infrastructure

Our team fosters smooth deployment throughout the lifecycle from beta, to testing and ultimately to production.

Providing Long-Term IT Management

OneHop offers a range of services – from 24/7 monitoring, Managed Network – to ensure the day-to-day and long-term health of your business IT infrastructure.

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